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Techniques To Sing Like A Star

You are ambitious, aspire to become a musician. You work pretty hard over particular songs, but are often told “Better luck next time..”

Above all, the most disheartening aspect is when you get rejected by a few disastrous judges who actually do not possess the right kind of singing.

In today’s scenario, the one who has confidence, stage presence, and idea to handle technology is the Star. He or She can easily hook the listeners. Can reach the peak in no time. But that would be momentary.

Why? It’s the lack of basic knowledge, practice and accuracy. After a period, listeners can easily make out the these imperfections.

Not just Music but in any field one needs solid skills to stand the test of time. To get good at singing, here are a few areas where a vocalist should focus during Riyaz.

To grab a potential and perfection in singing, here are a few areas where a vocalist should focus while Riyaz:

Remember to create bigger space in the mouth while singing:

imagesIt might be whimsical but opening adequate mouth while singing amazingly helps. Remember to drop the jaws and prepare a good oval steddy mouth shape for singing. This creates a sufficient space in the mouth and provides enough rooms for the air to cross in the form of sound. If you notice any good singers like Shreya, Sunidhi,  Lata Ji, or Shankar M, you will notice their mouth shape pretty much spacious which makes them loud and clear even in the lucid impromptu nuances. Watch out Lata Ji’s old live recordings like “ Tum Asha Vishwas Hamare…

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