What Mrinalini Ji’s Upbringing Teaches about Parenting

It is essential to induce an energetic and workaholic environment at home if you want your child to develop energy and become successful in any field. The parents have to at least pursue the art they want their kids to master. Mrinalini Sarabhai’s life and her dance passion is a promising example for the demonstrate… Read More »


It is so overwhelming to know a music festival cum Ghazal performances by youth will be held in Mumbai to celebrate the maestro’s 75th birthday. Around 75 ‘Jagjit’ Ghazals will be performed by the Ghazal geeks which will be juried by the eminent Chitra Singh Ji, Shri Roop K. Rathod, and Shri Suresh Wadekar. A… Read More »

Zakir Hussain Concert

Recently, I attended Ustad Zakir Hussain concert,  a stalwart with whom ‘Tabla’ term has been synonymized. When he was playing, and when it all got over, I realized my  pleasure hormone, may be dopamine, anticipating to have some more of it. Zakir Ji and Sabir Khan saab on saarangi started their scintillating performance in Raga… Read More »

Power of ‘Nritya’

An acclaimed Lucknow-based young Kathak Dancer Gaurav Sharma becomes a permanent Meera to marry his (her) Pakistani boyfriend: Indeed, music and dance has no boundaries which has the direct connection towards unconditional love. Sometimes, in today’s scenario, ‘unconditional’ also replaces the word ‘obsessive’. A dancer Gaurav Sharma, authored many books, has undergone around three sex… Read More »

Techniques To Sing Like A Star

You are ambitious, aspire to become a musician. You work pretty hard over particular songs, but are often told “Better luck next time..” Above all, the most disheartening aspect is when you get rejected by a few disastrous judges who actually do not possess the right kind of singing. In today’s scenario, the one who… Read More »

Pentatonic Ragas OR औडव जाति राग (Audav-Jaati Ragas) in Indian Ragas

As the name signifies, Pentatonic ragas are the ragas having the five-notes syllables in particular. In Hindustani music, there are primary three Jaati : Audav (Ragas having only 5 notes in ascend and descend both) , Shaadav (Ragas having 6 notes), Sampoorna (Ragas having all 7 notes); and nine sub-categories with all possible combinations of… Read More »