Why learn Music

Why learn Music

Music is the subtlest sound which exists within all the beings. Spirituality says that every object in this universe and beyond has a vibration. Sounds which are pleasing to the senses is music. And to learn music is basically the process of knowing oneself through the tunes. We, in music, say, that “We are what we sing.” Singing or playing music is the way of expressing and analysing our own emotions and feelings. Thus, it is essential to learn music in whatever desired genre.

Learning music imbibes positivity and bliss within and gradually brings different perspectives on how we perceive the world and society.

Learning music incorporates stability and relaxation within us especially among the busier, stereotyped lot who is just running towards their aspirations.

For the children, learning musical instruments or vocals is most important, as it develops the motoric skills, better brain functioning, better communication skills, focus and memory. Hyperactive and over-ambitious kids become calmer and neutralize their emotions with time through constant music practices. Moreover, angry and agitated kids gain more wisdom and respect for self and others.

Learning music within all ages also develops self-confidence and decision making attitude. Different Swar-arpeggios and thier recitals incorporated better throat and health and quick mind and brain among the children and adults. Music learning also works in stress anxiety reduction among all ages.

Learning music vocals also improves breath functioning, strong lungs, and lesser gut problems as oxygenation and breathing techniques, especially diaphragmatic breathing and singing play a vital role in vocal music. “

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No music can be properly inculcated without pure-classical training. Proper voice production, accuracy of notes in whichever song you sing, beats and rhythms skills, tunes familiarity: all these elements are enhanced by learning pure-classical. Eventually, one enjoys and gets surprised while singing  songs with accuracy, be it Bollywood or jazz. Therefore, if you think you’re passionate in music and want to sing properly, learn Pure Classical from Scratch.