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About Shambhavi Das.

Since childhood, I had a true passion for music. I spent hours listening to all genres of music, be it classical, folk, semi classical, light etc. My mother guided me enthusiastically, as she is a great singer too. Therefore, my intense interest and dedication destined me to the path of music, where I found my rooms for peace of mind and contentment. Becoming successful or acquiring fame is neither in my hands, nor I crave for that, but I do have a true desire and aspiration to sing wholeheartedly and with feeling. I should feel blissful, blessed and proud of my singing: that’s the definition of success and achievement for me, no matter, I get any external appraisal or criticism. I am happy that I somewhat find myself on that level. “Teaching/sharing out an expertized field enhances knowledge”, I have fully experienced this quote. For a few years, teaching music, especially pure classical, has become my passion. I had been to the States for a short period and ran a small music school called Surdemy. It was overwhelmingly amazing to find my students loved me as a teacher; or when their voices, singing techniques gradually improved.

In addition, I am in love with the upcoming aspect of music: music therapy. I am a music therapist, and one of my goals is to kick start a music therapy clinic, to heal the world through tunes and sounds.

I worked at Ananya Child Care Development Centre for treating Autistic Kids; Currently, I am also assisting Dr. Meenakshi Ravi in her Clinic in Hyderabad called Nadamaya Centre for Music Therapy, helping her in treating Autistic kids. I am also achieving special Music Therapy Training (Healing through Chakra Activation by renowned Music therapist Dr. Rajam Shankar. I am also associated with IMTA- Indian Music Therapy Association and currently enjoy pursuing projects with Dr. T.V. Sairam (Founder & Head, IMTA & Nada)


i frequently present papers related to music and music therapy in order to promote this burgeoning field especially Music therapy through Indian musical tools. I have presented around 40 papers on music therapy so far. Here are a few papers which I have presented:

  1. “Music Therapy and Mental Health Techniques for children with Developmental Disabilities” Presentation in IMTA- webinars
  2. “Music Therapy and Culture in Corporate Ethics and Value-Based Society” – Gitam University, Hyderbad. 2019: August 28th:
  1. “Music Therapy for Stress and Anxiety Reduction” : Guest-Lecturer of Music therapy session in Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences; Hyderabad.
  1. Therapeutic Significance of Listening to Appropriate Tunes on the Appropriate Time Zones”

Awards & Achievements:

  • ‘Best Teacher Award’ by SCL Rhythm Maestro Group, Mumbai
  • ‘Award of Excellence’ in Nada Centre for Music Therapy
  • Savyasachi Best Educator Award
  • Most Inspiring Woman Award
  • Shatakshi Women Award
  • 2009 – Awarded from Ministry of Culture, Delhi
  • 2007 -Awarded national scholarship from MHRD Ministry of Culture, (in ghazal category for 2 years)

Revered Gurus

Association with NGOs

Ishwa foundation:

(We teach underprivileged children in their schools) led By Haimanti Paul Sarkar (Use these images)

Sparsh Hospice led by Dr. Rohini Roganti

My students and myself visit and provide music therapy to the bed-ridden patients who have less survival days.