“I am very happy today”: Ghulam Ali

Ghulam Ali was overwhelmed with the immense gratitude received in Kolkata while performing after 35 years, who accompanied his son Aamir:


“I am very happy today. I have been coming to Kolkata for 30-35 years. But this time it feels like I have come back after 50 years. I was so sad and today my sadness ends,” admits Ghulam Ali saab with immense delectation. Read some more on this on NDTV.

These mature gestures (served by Mamta Ji) should be encouraged as our country needs it implicitly. Above all, music, arts are above all the boundaries and ego. A feel good factor really imbibes in when you get to make someone happy especially from the other country.

SO Why can’t we keep it simple? Why do we need to churn people, their specializations, their art, their attributes with the religion, caste, creed… Why can’t we just appreciate people and that’s it…No thoughts trailing by behind … No filters … trashing all the jargon aside for a moment and just praise once … Believe me, by this, we are helping the country in the positive direction.

Let’s continue to Welcome, enjoy, & APPRECIATE people’s art at least once.