Zakir Hussain Concert

14SMZAKIR_31507fRecently, I attended Ustad Zakir Hussain concert,  a stalwart with whom ‘Tabla’ term has been synonymized.

When he was playing, and when it all got over, I realized my  pleasure hormone, may be dopamine, anticipating to have some more of it.

Zakir Ji and Sabir Khan saab on saarangi started their scintillating performance in Raga Kalawati/Teentala, which was the only raga they worked on in the recital. A short non-beats ultimate Aalap by Khan Saab, followed by Zakir Ji’s Tukde. Their chemistry, jugalbandi, spacious, and tremendous blend of the ragadari and parans/tukde, lasted for a long time which was incredibly captivating. Zakir Ji’s culminating and clear tukdas and immediate laggis often made me hard to maintain my regular taps. Initially, I could hardly tap correctly when he trailed the complex and fluent laggis, which he sustained for longer. I could hardly stand on the Sam correctly which was out of anticipation. Gradually, I became comfortable with his tempo, and intonations when I could get the sam.

Table Ki Bhasha

Eventually, he decided to interact with the audience. He explained the language of tabla by speaking the tabla syllables impeccably clear and unblemished. He then started the jugalbandi between the speech and hand bols, i.e., he played what he articulated at the same time. Then he engaged the audience by the tabla stories based on the tabla language and his demeanor on this was simply splendid. He started the audience-interaction by the story, Invite Guest at home. Watch this out:



Tope-paran: Next gig was the tabla language for ‘description of a missile’ i.e., tope-paran. How the missile looks, its nozzle, etc…pretty whimsical description. Watch this:


Listening to their perfection and potentials, I do not mind considering them Gods on earth who are especially manufactured to provide bliss and pleasure through their lineage and abilities, in this frustrated world. For that matter, I consider comedians too as God, and people like them are actually needed in today’s hi-tech world. I can still perceive the soft tabla dhun in my ears.