When Culture Unites Two Nations


Music, indeed plays an important part in transcending the wisdom level of the people, which even imbibes in one to think out of the box, like these guys have initiated for Indo-pak peace and integrity.

A cultural exchange event or a 10-day course was organized by 16 people , in Igatpuri Maharashtra, in order to bridge a communication gap between the people of India and Pakistan. The event, supported by Vipassana International Academy, Spicmacay, and Pakistan India Peoples Forum for Peace and Democracy, was conducted by a Delhi-based filmmaker, Harsh Narayan including the musicians, intellectuals, artists from both the nations. “Members of the group hail from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi,” says Mr. Narayan.

The event also included Yoga also which was taught by Saira Muneer, a yoga teacher in Pakistan, “My father was born in Amroha (in Uttar Pradesh). He moved to Pakistan after the Partition in 1947. However, he would come back to his house in Amroha for some time every year. Until 30 years ago, it was much easier to move between our countries. My dream is to have a Vipassana centre in Pakistan.”

The group delegation was held in Mumbai, Hindu College, Delhi and would continue this great wisdom effort by organizing it in Delhi. A grand Qawwali was initiated in Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya’s shrine which was amazing enjoyed by the two citizens.

This overwhelming awesome event to foster peace and harmony between Indo-pak was rekindling at the day when the Pathankot airbase was under attack for four days, straining India-Pakistan ties further. This is the difference between culture-lovers and extremists.

On the other hand, a super-excited group member Almas Bana, who is former CEO of Habib Education Trust in Karachi, said, “I was amazed with the genuine interest, empathy and curiosity about Pakistan among people here. The course design itself was very thoughtful. The key idea we learnt was to maintain equanimity — not to take success to one’s head, and not to be depressed by failure.

Interest in culture and especially music, cultivates within us, a power to unite and blend communities into one like these ultimate 16 have equipped. Indeed, an equivalent credit goes to Mr. PM who inserted a highly sweet gesture to wish Pak-PM on his birthday. Now is the time to expect an upcoming peaceful era. Read here to know the full story.