Learn Music To Increase Memory

Music is beyond what we think. Recent Music Therapy researches have proved that indulging in any kind of music improves Memory, Retention and Grasp.

Longer periods of listening or playing music resonates the brain’s cortical and subcortical areas and makes us recall the past knowledge and experiences clearly.

The valley manor care center of Montrose recently introduced a memory care unit called ‘iPod program’ or Music Therapy program, where the music is heard 24 by 7. Amazing results have been noticed among the patients as explained by their attendants.

“It’s therapeutic music for them” says Memory Care Specialist, Brandi Garcia. “It has therapeutic purpose and it ties those early childhood memories to the resident. So often we see these resident blossom. It’s absolutely amazing.”

Even the kids suffering from Dementia or other psychological disorders, often are recommended to enter the MCU, who end up being back to normal in a couple of weeks. They do not want to leave the place as the gentle tunes make them feel peaceful and at home.

Here is a short story about a kid, Tim, who had a chronic communication syndrome since birth. He could not speak among friends and was high on stammering when asked a question in class. His mom took him to the memory care where he was asked nothing. He had his own space to look around the musical gadgets. He explored all the stuffs for three days when his mom got him regularly. Until he picked a violin one day and started playing. He started learning and playing the instrument for hours, which resulted in comparatively clear speech. The words were completely understood with less stammers and he felt confident too.

It is highly essential to adopt music in being healthy, dynamic and responsive rather than just considering it a purpose of entertainment and relaxation.

Learn, play, listen, and compose music in order to enhance yourself in studies, work, relations and overall demeanor.

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