Remove filters of brain … Be like kids!! (Short story)

As  grown-ups, we tend to live up on what all we have been reinforced to do. Our family tells us there is God and we need to pray; and we start praying; without asking where is God? Have you seen him Mom? This reminds me of Neelima, my student, who shares how her son questions and challenges the society rules and rituals.

Over the time, these filters and conditioning layers itself firmly in our minds that it becomes hard to wipe off. Have we ever dared to think out of the box?

Here is a short story to illustrate why kids have extra power to execute  something than the elders.

Suresh and Dilip were more than best friends, former being six years and Dilip, ten. Once they were busy in their mischiefs beside a deep, ancient well of their village when Dilip unfortunately slipped in, deep down.

The other one snivelled shockingly and shouted, “Somebody please help!” for a long time. Nobody being around to help, he quickly grabbed a rope, tied it with a tree and giving the other end to his friend down, started pulling. It didn’t help at first as the victim was five years elder than the helper. But surprisingly he saved his ten years old friend. They both embraced each other with their mixed emotions of pleasure of achievement and fear of losing.

They went back and excitingly explained the tale to the villagers but nobody believed, not even their parents.

“All this is bullshit ! how can a six years old possess enough strength of pulling the ten years old.”

Only an old and wise soul in the village known as Rahim Chacha, who was obeyed and respected by the villagers, was convinced with the boys. Others gave a weird reaction at Rahim Chacha’s approval and demanded explanation why he believed the boys.

“Younger one saved the elder because there was none to tell him that it’s impossible for you”. explained the old man.

The implicit power lies within us. Often times we do not execute things because we think we won’t. Our deep-rooted brain filters, sanskars and beliefs hinder us to cross our comfort zone, because of which we are unable to recognize our capability and potential. As adults, lifelong we are surrounded by the past conditioning and intimidated to try new things. Kids, being free of those thousand filters and myths, keep trying new things with formidable vitality and courage.