Indian Classical Version of Adelle’s ‘Hello’

Gone are the days when people listened to the good music, appreciated, made it trending and finally the track went adrift in the wind with time. Apart from perceiving, people brood over the track to provide it a unique flavor. Creativity and trying something instinctive is trending implicitly nowadays. Especially, Indian music, when fused with other west genre, has a power of transcending the standards in music. So the formula is quite precise: garnish the track with Indian musical spices and taste the peculiarity.

Think of Adelle’s record breaking super hit track ‘Hello’, which has been synced with an Indian classical version by a few artistes and fusionists and made even that extremely popular. Indian artiste, Mahesh Raghvan decided to give the tremendous desi twist to the song performed by the singer Demi Lovato. The fusion renditions have been initiated by university Marching band along with a two year old toddler who lip-synced to give a pop effect to the song. Adelle’s magic has been taken to a higher level by these artistes.

The blend-effect and the renditions are created through an iPad app which helped with a distinctive sound of flute, Tanpura and Nadaswaram. The serene and matured effect given by these traditional instruments left the track superbly fascinating and heart-stirring.

The creativity has yet not got over. The track has also been accompanied by Mohiniyattam, a classical dance from Kerala. I am immensely proud and excited to share that the dance was performed by an internationally acclaimed, beautiful and a proficient Mohiniyattam dancer and a professor in my department, Dr. Deepthy Omcherry Bhalla. I am so honored to recall my moments with her especially when I had interviewed her regarding my Ph.D thesis.