Positive Yoga blend With Music

Finally India has touched the edge of genuinely healthy living by bringing Yoga into their lifestyles, thus to the Indian culture. Even the busy bees try to join the yoga classes or retreats. The first big round of applause goes to Baba Ramdev, the Yoga Rishi. And second one goes the westerners to adopt and bring it in trend. Today, whatever culture, rituals, apps, websites, startups are trending in the US, by default, it has to enter the Indian community and people, whether or not, it’s of any use to India or not.

Forget the reasons, Yoga is the best, in fact the only way to get rid of the diseases by uplifting the immunity. Especially, when you cannot rely on the freshness and purity of the fruits and veggies, on which you have to live on, the only way is persist on being internally strong so that adulterated foods cannot decay your body functions.

Thoughts while doing Pranayama and asanas:

Have you ever witnessed the quality of thoughts created while doing yoga in the morning? Generally, the mind is engrossed in the past day thoughts: what happened the last night, the people you met, and so on. But the prime thoughts are mundane: I have to cook, get the kids ready. All kinds of thoughts team up the mind except of doing yoga. Doing yoga without focusing on it is as good as not doing it. The better idea is to keep breathing deeply while the workouts and focusing only on the breaths. Undeniably, it’s hard to stick to breath noticing but it’s highly beneficial in imbibing positive vibes throughout the body cells.

Subconscious mind is the sailor of a ship. It makes everything small thing happen in your life you are craving for. The rule is that you have to trash the negative or the doubtful, unconfident themes. Subconscious mind utilizes whatever you feed it.

Once you are habitual of returning on the breaths every while from the monkey mind, you can combine the breathing with a positive thought or whatever you want or your dreams are. For instance, you want to grab a particular job with a specific designation. Keep feeding yourself: “That job is mine, I will definitely have it; my subconscious power is much strong to make it for me” Or “My dreams will surely come true.” Deep breaths works as a channel for transferring the messages to the tingling nerves, body cells and neurons. Delivering such messages to the innermost mind will not only make the happenings as per your wishes but also transcend your thought level by replacing it with the negative ones.

Yoga with Music Blend

Have you ever tried doing yoga along with the music player on? Let’s delve into the positive aspects of yoga deeply by combining it with a good music?

The sonic currents of musical tunes reverberates and drops at the entangled nerve-cells, dendrites, neurons and gradually unleash them giving the pacifying effect to the brain enhancing the body mechanism.

Music here refers to a little slow paced and soft rhythmic music which instantly can hook your mind while meditating or even doing the lie-down asanas.

Beginning of a raga: Listening to any morning raga while yogic asanas in a slow pace, especially the starting aalap-renditions and sustained articulations are going on, grounds our mind towards stability and void thoughts. While doing pranayama especially kapalbhati and anulom-vilom, focus on the body part you have issues. Then blend the focus with tunes and breath. After a few minutes or more, you have notice that only three aspects you are left with: breath, tune, and visual pictures of specific body part getting healed. The daily practice is the optimistic way of sending the commands to the subconscious exactly what you want to develop. And the consequences you observe is miraculous.

In order to meditate on the variety tracks, you can soft rhythmic violin, some meaningful lyricized bhajans & mantras, Shubha Mudgal Surya Upasana, and so on.

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