Do’s and Don’ts for vocal Health in Indian classical discipline

Staying fit and moreover vocally fit actually helps in singing. Especially, for the Indian classical music lovers who like to sing or want to imitate their favorite singers, some tips to keep all the vocal tracts hail and healthy are always beneficial. For me, the most step for open-throat and clear voice is ‘staying hydrated’. It makes me more energetic and rejuvenated while vocal practices.

To start with, lets discuss some DO’s:

  1. Consume a variety of nutritious foods, juicy fruits, beverages, and vitamins. It keeps the throat more watery and fluent while singing.
  2. Attain and maintain physical fitness with regular aerobics and muscle-toning workouts. Yoga postures like sun-salutations are also good for proper vocalism.
  3. Try to stay happy and positive to develop a blissful and optimistic attitude in singing.
  4. Obtain sufficient rest, sleep, and recreation.
  5. Maintain a humid living environment (40-50% humidity).
  6. Maintain body hydration by drinking 7 to 9 glasses of water or other liquids daily.
  7. Use efficient vocal technique in speech and singing.
  8. Use the voice judiciously.
  9. Wash Hands frequently.
  10. Try to meditate or self-introspect for few minutes daily. It controls our anxiety, over-excitement and stress and results in mature, tranquilized singing.
  11. Listen to the music daily, whatever kind you like listening to.
  12. Read good books especially related to music, or positive thinking.


  1. Inhale or ingest harmful substances like alcohol, recreational drugs, tobacco, polluted air, and excess of caffeine.
  2. Pursue an overly stressful lifestyle.
  3. Make physical contact with persons having contagious diseases.
  4. Work or live in noisy or polluted environments.
  5. Speak too much or too loudly, especially in noisy environments.
  6. Scream or clear the throat too much.
  7. Use over-the-counter preparations for colds and allergies, especially antihistamines.
  8. Listen to loud music.
  9. Get short tempered or angry on petty situations, which might drain your energy and develop negativism.

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