What Is World Music?

      I believe that music is an undervalued commodity, one that can become an important feature in the quest for greater understanding among cultures and traditions around the world. In the present days, due to the growing promotion technology or media, people getting closer through all forms of communication explicitly involves dynamic intermingling of cultures. Music can be considered as one form of communication that is devoid of prejudice, caste-creed, simply a language without borders that treats us equally in the most profound way.

 World music encompasses music of different regions, cults throughout the world with which clearly exhibits the culture, traditions or rituals of that particular country.Also, it refers to any political or economic conditions of the country might have been if this particular music wouldn’t have existed there. 

    World music is, ideally, the music of the whole earth, including music of European art traditions. University programs in world music are generally performance-oriented, and their objective is to render as faithfully as possible the musics of particular traditions found throughout the world. Dance is naturally included in such programs, as are courses in the history and culture of the regions studied. Programs in world music are closely hinged to the humanities, because the musical (and dance) products are given emphasis over the cultural processes that produce them.

In wider terms, world music can be defined as the popular music, once any folk music is uprooted from its origin, once it gives a true essence of its region. Thus, all music is world music which revolves around a voluminous aura incorporating jazz, western classical, folkloric, contemporary, country, R&B, soul, broadway etc.

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